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Kavo Handpiece Repair

Kavo handpiece repair is a specialty at Wise Dental Repair.

All Kavo handpieces are thoroughly tested before any repairs begin. We test your Kavo handpiece for: torque, water leaks, clogged water lines, and excessive noise or vibration, as well as stripped metal chucks.

If a Kavo handpiece is sent to us for repair and needs only a chuck, this will be all we repair and advise you that that Kavo handpiece did not need a complete overhaul. If a Kavo handpiece is tested and found to run and cut well, and does not require further repairs, we will not repair it arbitrarily, but rather advise you to check your unit or air pressure source or other give other advise.

Same Day Service For Your Kavo Handpiece Repair! Most Kavo handpiece repairs are done the same day that we receive them, and we ship your Kavo handpiece repaired the following business day. Should there be any necessary delay, we will immediately notify you of the situation of your Kavo handpiece repair.

We use only the very best quality bearings and parts for Kavo handpiece repairs. We absolutely never use inferior quality or surplus bearings in any Kavo handpiece repairs.

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