Turbine Overhaul$79.95 New Turbines -Manuel Style$99 to $89 New Turbines -Auto Chuck$165-$199
Slow Speed Motors All Brands$110-$175 Slow Speed Attachments$49-$82 Straight Nosecones$55-$75
Re-threading Service$65 Electric Motors and AttachmentsBearings $179 / New turbine $249 Lab Handpieces- all brands$55-$149
Surgical Handpieces / Implant MotorsCall Fiber Optic Replacement – all modelsCall Quick Connect Coupler RepairsCall
Sharpening / Retipping Hygiene Instruments$1.25 per end sharpening $6 per end retip Sharpening / Retipping Ortho Instruments / Pliers$16 sharpen $45 retip Replacement Fiber Optic Bulbs$25-$55
Repairs for Curing LightsCall We sell New Fiber Optic UnitsCall New Ultrasonic Inserts 25/30k$85
Prophy Jet Nozzle Repair $65 Prophy Jet Nozzle Trade In Program for New $149 New Prophy Jet Nozzle Without Trade$159