Dental equipment is costly as it is and their repair and maintenance are also extremely costly. Dental equipment with constant use sometimes malfunctions often when you least expect it. When your equipment fails, you lose your patients – and money. it can be hard for dentists to decide when to fix dental equipment and who to call when they need help.

Over time you have learned ins and outs of your dental office, but how efficient are you at making sure your equipment is working properly? Don’t wait for your equipment to fail to look for dental repair services. Here are few tips to keeping your dental equipment up-to-date and functional.

Be observant when it comes to equipment. Make yourself familiar with the shapes and sounds of the equipment. Take note of any equipment exhibiting loud or unfamiliar noises or unusual appearance/discoloration. If you notice anything unusual, take the item out of service until you resolve the problem. Contact dental service technician as they are trained specifically to install, troubleshoot and repair your equipment.

Keeping spares on hand for those items that wear out with time and should be expected to be replaced. Things like light bulbs, fuses, and o-rings are common “wear and tear” items that you should always have on hand. A room shouldn’t be down because a bulb has burned out. Always have spares for light bulbs for operating lights and curing lights, filters for air and water lines, fuses for chairs, sterilizer, processor etc.

Clean and sterilize your dental equipment. Dirt, dust, and debris can damage your equipment and also there are chances of infection with used instruments between patients. Change filter regularly, remove soil, dirt, and debris from surfaces. For infection control, use barriers instead of disinfectants when possible. Harsh disinfectants can damage your equipment in long-term and if possible, heat sterilizes equipment. Of course, the equipment must be designed to withstand high heat and is less harmful than disinfectants.

Keep an emergency kit for last minute dental equipment servicing is a must for every office. Your emergency kit should contain items that are needed for routine self-maintenance. These include handpiece lube and cleaner, spare turbines, chucks and bur tools; air compressor oil and intake valves; vacuum intake filter, line checker, traps and canisters; spare light bulbs for handpieces, curing lights and operatory lights; spare O-rings and gaskets. Keep all of the equipment owner’s manuals in a secure place and consult them for manufacturer’s recommended maintenance. Equipment invoices should also be kept in case of warranty issues arise.

Preventative maintenance “first aid” kits have a very small part that is easy to fix making it more convenient for you to service your equipment. And if you cannot determine and fix the problem yourself, call for a technician who is both trustworthy and knowledgeable. One of the best ways to make sure that equipment is in good working condition is to establish a schedule for routine maintenance. When your equipment is properly maintained and serviced, you can concentrate on delivering great care to your patients.

Knowing when to repair your dental equipment and who to go to will help keep your overhead costs down. It will also help keep your equipment up-to-date and functional for as long as possible. You should always check with manufacturer recommendations prior to servicing any equipment beyond routine maintenance.

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