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Used & New Dental Equipment in Texas

Repair & Sell of Dental Tools

Wise Dental Repair is innovatively approaching to equip every dental labs in Texas with only the optimum dentalequipment in their best condition. You can see our work reflected in several dental labs and clinics in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and several other places as well.

Dental Equipment Repair in Texas

Wise Dental Repair understands the importance of smoothfunctioning dental instruments for dental practitioners.  A sudden breakdown of dental equipment may lead to a loss of thousands of dollars. Every time you call for emergency dental equipment repair, we dispatch our well-equipped vehicle right after.

Some common dental supplies we repair and sell:

•    High-speed hand pieces
•    Slow-speed hand pieces
•    Chairs
•    Compressors
•    Vacuum Pumps
•    Sterilizers
•    Dental Instruments
•    Ultrasonic Scalers
•    Ultrasonic cleaners
•    Prophy Jets
•    PiexoScalers
•    X-Ray Systems
•    Small Equipment
•    Reupholstery and more!

We Cover These Areas in Texas

•    Houston
•    Dallas
•    Austin
•    San Antonio
•    Fort Worth and entire Texas!
Call if your city is not listed above.

Words from Wise Dental Repair owner:

“What we grow our business through?

Primarily, your referral!

 This is why we know it is crucial to supply our people like you with the finest of dental equipment and repair service.
We understand your satisfaction not just establishes a long term relationship with us but also helps us expand our business bigger to satisfy more authentic customers.”

Contact Us Today

Got any dental equipment failure? Need to add more in your lab?
Call Wise Dental Repair. We are available at (888) 411-6933 and here.

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