We are very pleased to offer MicroLux Diagnostic System / DL at a very special price. MicroLux Diagnostic System / DL can be purchased simply by adding it to your cart. Wise Dental Repair and supplies offers MicroLux Diagnostic System / DL online for your conveinence. Great dental office products is our business and the, MicroLux Diagnostic System / DL is one of the best. Add it to your cart today.Description: Microlux/DL Application: ? To be used in conjunction with a traditional visual and tactile examination. The exam is performed by a dentist or health care provider to increase discovery of abnormal lesions found on the soft tissues of the oral environment. Features: ? Autoclavable Diffused light guide ? High output L.E.D ? Battery Operated ? Portable and easy to use ? Protective Sleeves available ? Acetic Acid Rinse are available in 6, 12 & 24 packs Benefits: ? Helps to visualize abnormal tissue conditions ? Helps to identify oral mucosal abnormalities This price includes 6 bottles of rinse call for a free 10 day trial