An All-In-One Tool Has Never Been More Intuitive
The Precise SHP has the most advanced laser system technology among diode lasers. This laser combines state-of-the-art diode laser technology with the operating system of an iPod touch®. The straightforward wireless interface with a whitening handpiece allows you to manage soft tissue, reduce pain, and whiten smiles with one device.

What makes the Precise LTM Diode Laser different?

It is the first diode laser system with an iPod touch interface to receive FDA clearance for a variety of treatment procedures. Professionals can add additional treatments with laser-assisted tooth whitening and pain relief procedures. Our proprietary Precise White formulation is carefully engineered to provide maximum whitening results. Pain relief procedures are a cinch with the included pain relief handpiece and presets. Provide oral and maxillofacial relief to muscles, joints, and soft tissues both internally and externally. The perfect pairing of diode laser technology with the intuitive nature of an iPod® touch.

*iPod® is the registered trademark of Apple iPod.


FDA approved pain relief handpiece
Teeth whitening handpiece
iPod touch wireless interface
Wireless Power Foot-Control

Weight 96 oz
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 9 in
Kit includes: Precise SHP Base Unit
iPod touch
Control Pod Charging Cable
Wireless Foot Pedal
Power Supply with Cord
Handpiece Sleeves (Surgical, Pain Relief & Whitening)
Disposable Fiber Tips (6-200 μm, 12-300μm, 12-400μm)
Protective Glasses (3)
Laser Safety Sign
Display Stand
Precise SHP Operator’s Manual
Warranty Card