Vector “Enduro” European Manufactured Turbine
Engineered, Machined and Balanced For Performance
Ultra-concentric impeller and spindle reduces the bur “wobble” and
“chatter” experienced with other handpieces.
– Featuring precision “Euro” Bearings which are known to run smooth
and quiet for the life of the bearing

High-Performance Push Button Autochuck
Vector Autochucks are designed for durability and strength. We at Vector are proud of all the design and engineering that has gone into our new F-series highspeed. If we had to pick one item that truly sets our new handpiece apart from other manufacturers it would be our autochuck. We use only the highest quality materials and the most advanced computerized machines in manufacturing, assembling and testing of our chuck. We feel that we have created a product that is not only convenient to use but also provides the strength and durability today’s dentist deserve.