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⦁ DENTSPLY Cavitron® Prophy Jet Units, or SPS Units Now Available: Repair of all makes and models of ⦁ Any Magnetostrictive Units OUR SERVICES LEARN MORE ABOUT US Wise Dental Repair LLC has been serving the Dental profession since 1996. We strive for customer satisfaction in all that we do. No job is too small or to large. We only use new qualified and field tested parts for your repairs.

We sell new and used equipment with a 6 month warranty. We provide free shipping and estimates. We would be honored to provide references upon your request.

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Our practice prides itself on providing the very finest level of service,
from a simple filling to complex cosmetic dentistry.

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October 16th, 2020|

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The health of dental instruments

July 31st, 2019|

Most dental assistants don’t walk around with a tool belt on their waists, but in many offices when a piece of equipment does not work properly it’s the assistant that often springs


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Our service is amazing especially our FREE pick up & delivery
You can call us at 888-411-6933 to schedule a pick up or email us at


High speed Overhaul

Overhaul price includes the replacement of the bearings, O-rings, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment. There would be an additional charge on all other repairs….

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Slow Speed Overhaul

Each handpiece is inspected, repaired and tested in accordance with manufacturer’s standards and specifications. Average Cost: $110 to $175 – Request Quote….

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Slow Speed Nosecones

We repair all straight nosecone attachments with a 6 month warranty. Nosecones are well worth repairing, especially Star nosecones…

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We just got back a handpiece that we sent you for repair. You didn’t find any problems, so there was no need for repair. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate and respect your business for your honesty. I’ve seen a lot of shady business practices in my first few years of practice – dentists getting over on patients, sales reps getting over on dentists, etc. Keep up the great work, and thank you again.