Dental Equipment Repair Services in Ohio

We know that dental equipment does breakdown in crucial times. If not fixed on time, you are clear to lose significant amount of profit.  We do not want your productivity to stop, NEVER! If unfortunately it happens, we are here to provide the dental equipment supply and repair services needed across the country. We provide postage paid mailing boxes or call for paid UPS label. Just ask us for 24 hour turnaround service at no additional charges!
We have been selling wide varieties of latest supplies and equipment that are used for dental practices. We always aspire to see dental clinics using equipment that are smooth, latest and more efficient. This is why we have newest of dental tools from major manufacturing brands.
dental instrument in Ohio.

Used Dental Equipment Sales in Ohio

Besides new, Wise Dental Repair has various used dental equipment that are restored to their best for use. If budget is a constraint, then buying used dental equipment saves you thousands of dollars. We ensure they are all good and will lasts for long time. We provide warranty in those products.
These things!
*   Slow Speed Motors
*   Nosecones
*  Dental handpieces
*  Prophy Motors
* Surgical Handpieces
Call us for buying or repairing of any dental instrument from anywhere in the United States.