Internal Waterflow 2530k Plastic Grip

Ultrasonic Inserts
Purchase 3 Ultrasonic Inserts at $85 each get 4th one FREE choose 25/ 30 K plastic grip or metal*triple bend / right/left inserts extra…

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unnamed 7

Nosecone Overhaul
Get $10 off your slow speed attachment.6 month warranty on repair…

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unnamed 6

High speed Hand piece Overhaul
Send 2 high speeds in for turbine overhaul and get3rd overhaul half off. $40 value*must be sent in same time*4 month warranty bearings only *6 mo

New customers only 50% off first repair High-speed only

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Send in slow speed motor for overhaul for 99 with 6 month warranty ...

Slow-Speed Motor Overhaul
Send in slow speed motor for overhaul for $99 with 6 month warranty …

$20 off slow speed motor repair

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